Citizens are invited to create temporary sculptures with bamboo sticks and rubber bands in Aldrich Bay Park. Community-engaged artwork creates unique dialogue and interaction, when building the sculpture, boundaries between participants such as social class, age, knowledge would be broken down.

Participants creating their very first bamboo sculpture with the help of workshop facilitator.

Cultural democracy emerged after the Second World War and describes practices in which culture and artistic expression are generated by individuals and communities rather than by institutions of central power. Cultural democracy seeks to democratise culture in order to bring about an awareness and appreciation of art to as wide a section of society as possible; and to break down the boundaries between high and low culture in order to make art accessible to a wider audience. Community art empowers people to appreciate art.”


About Raymond Chan

Raymond Chan is a co-founder of Crevice Design. He received an Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree in Environment and Interior Design at the HKPolyU in 2012 and 2014. During his studies, he was employed by his HKPolyU tutor and Assistant Professor, Manfred Yuen, as a designer in Groundwork Architecture Studio. He involved several social design projects including Wu Chi Qiao Bridge to China Project 2011 and 2012,
Hawkerama – Carnival Workshop 2012, ArtAlive@Park 2014.

Raymond has follow HKPolyU Assistant Professor Alvin Yip to co-curate the Annual Flagship Programme 2014 and 2015 organized by Jockey Club Design. He received a scholarship to study in Shanghai Tongji University. He has many innovative design ideas on sustainable interior and furniture design. He investigated a series of showcases and display shelves of which made upcycling materials to propose and promote environmental awareness to the public.

About Ivan Lai

Lai Tsun Hang (Ivan) is graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2016, majored in Environment and Interior Design. He is an interior and product designer in Slash Design. Ivan demonstrates his skills in producing refined interior and furniture designs. As a true admirer of dynamic form and materiality, Ivan focuses on the users’ interaction and experience with the space or furniture, especially how they interact with the materials. He believes that a product without users is lifeless. Designing a product which merge with the space and users interactions, and suggesting different possibilities to user are the true message from the design.

Besides, Ivan enjoys doing woodworks on his own, which led to several project invitations from School of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Ivan was invited to participate in the Art Alive at Park in 2014 during his studies. After Ivan graduated, he took part in numerous projects inside the Jockey Club Innovation Tower by invitation from school such as furniture (the display shelf and table at MCB, the coffee table at 6/F leisure space), leisure spaces (located on 3/F and 6/F), and exhibitions (PolyU International Service-Learning and Leadership Programmes Showcase in 5/2017). Those pieces are mostly made by him using only pallet wood and other recycled materials. Ivan believes that designers should be aware of the materials’ possibility. He prefers upcycling wasted materials but not to waste resources to make new products.

icosahedron workshop
Date: 19 Nov, 2017