Spring 2018

Wind-powered kinetic art installation lit up in the pond.

Hong Kong based artist Kwok teamed up with Gaau1up, a local designer group specialised in plastic upcycling, incorporating wind energy in art, creating a mesmerising community art installation with an environmental message.

Participants planting their hand-made art piece inside the pond.

About Hong Kong Public Space Initiative (HKPSI)

Founded in 2011, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative (“HKPSI”) is a charitable non-profit organization (IRD File No. 91/11733). Through research, education and community engagement programs, we strive to bring the knowledge of public space to all walks of life, in order for people of Hong Kong to understand the value of public space.

About GAAU1 UP

Gaau1 Up is founded by a group of architecture graduates which specialises in recycling plastic. Inspired by Precious Plastic, the group built a recycling machine from scratch that turns plastic wastes into new materials.

TakePARKinArt: i Light Aldrich Bay
Date: 24 Feb, 2019