Explore the untouched areas in Aldrich Bay Park for the first time, Kwok and participants create a star-shaped installation using bamboo rods, an ubiquitous and reusable material for creating scaffolds, and rubberbands.

A 1/10 scale model of hack-a-bench was set up to stimulate community engagement and creativity, participants can use bamboo sticks of the same scale to make a Spatial Device mockup.

They were then given bamboo staffs and rubber bands to build a 1/5 scale model to test the device’s structure and stability.

A Star is Born

Designer Dylan Kwok and Raymond Chan learnt the techniques of creating Spatial Device with bamboo and rubber bands (a.k.a. the bamboo method) first created by Dutch bamboo artist Antoon Versteegde.

About Antoon Versteegde

Bamboo artist Antoon Versteegde mainly seeks his artistic freedom outside established institutes and exhibition spaces, in public locations with free access for everyone. He conceives life-sized constructions, which he designs as transient outdoor installations that he constructs with lightweight materials such as bamboo, flags, rope and rubber bands.

Versteegde gained ample experience with large-scale interactive projects. They have proven to be highly successful for realizing huge sculptures in a short time, working with groups of artists and volunteers. His self-developed construction technique is easily passed on to people who want to co-operate spontaneously. For this end he designs spatial experiences that he wishes to share with others. In order to give shape to his thoughts he uses descriptive constructions. Because the public takes on an active role of participation, the necessary energy is released.

The images created as a result, appear only to disappear. What remains is the afterimage. The bamboo installation leaves an impression behind in the spectator’s memory. Versteegde’s dream image becomes the image of a collective memory. The majority of his works is made for temporary display and not intended to be long term or permanent, and consequently has vanished. 

Where is Major Aldrich
Date: Mar, 2018